How We Pick Movies to Watch

Welcome Movie Lovers!

We love movies and have teamed together to host a movie together once a month. We want you to join us in the fun. 🙂 So come on and join us as we take movie watching adventures together.

This is process of how we pick a movie to watch each month.

– We put up a post asking for your suggestions on movies. Suggestions for movies are taken within a the time frame stated on the movie suggestion post. For a suggestion to be considered it must be posted on the movie suggestion post.

– Once all suggestions are in we will pick 3 movies out of your suggestions so everyone can vote. We will create a poll for you to cast their vote on the movie we will be watching next. So cast your vote for a movie. Poll will be open for votes for the time frame stated on the poll when posted.

– We will post an announcement of the movie that won the poll that we will be watching. Yay for the upcoming movie adventure!

– On the day listed under the Upcoming Movie page (a Saturday of each month – we will let you know which day it is) we (Talia and Amber) will put up a post then be online at time listed on the Upcoming Movie page to host a movie party to watch the movie together and hope you can come and join us. Comment and share your thoughts throughout . If you are unable to attend don’t worry you can still take part. Come by when you can and comment.

– Then we start the movie fun all over again and follow the way we stated above. 🙂

Monthly Contest (We have discontinued the monthly contest.)

We will also be giving an prize to one person chosen randomly each month. You will have until the end of the month when we watched the movie to post a comment on the post about the movie we watched in order to be entered for a chance to win a prize. One person will be chosen randomly each month. Just leave a comment by the end of the month we watched the movie on the post about the movie watched to be entered. Only comments on that post will be entered.

***We have discontinued the monthly contest.***

Now that you know how we do our movie adventures explore and have fun.

Talia & Amber
Enjoying Bad Movies with Friends


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