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60 responses to “We’re Starting!

  1. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Yay! I’m here.

  2. I’m here…I think. In spirit.

  3. I’ve been having a bit of technical difficulties tonight. And I’m not sure if I’ve watched this all the way through before, even though it’s one of my daughter’s favorite films.

  4. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    *snicker* wombs and flesh.

  5. wonder about the story if he had chosen Easter…

  6. I like the yowling cat alarm!

  7. Santa sounds so ominous In Jack’s way.

  8. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    It’s weird and amusing watching Jack try to figure out Christmas.

  9. I love how he dissects the teddy bear!

  10. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    She has it so bad. She wants Jack..

  11. I worry for Santa’s health!

  12. OMG Santa Claws doesn’t have claws!!!

  13. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Oogie Boogie has some great dance moves.

  14. I don’t think people like Jack as Santa!

  15. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Toys attacking you and so on. Yeah I would shut my house tight too.

  16. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Hoover Oogie Boogie. 🙂

  17. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    The Mayor is very dramatic.

  18. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Nothing like being blown up to get a wake up call. Maybe he could have had it before frightening all the humans.

  19. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Jack has such flair. Hell I want him too.

  20. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    You tell him Santa. Keep in your own holiday.

  21. I think Santa is holding a bit of a grudge!

  22. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Ohhh…maybe he’s forgiving. He gave them Snow!

  23. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Ohhh…that hussy is taking my Jack.

  24. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    That was great. Thanks for watching.

  25. Thanks for watching with me.

  26. Yep, it was the perfect movie for this time of year. 🙂

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