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We’re Starting!




51 responses to “We’re Starting!

  1. He has mighty eyebrows!

  2. Love the chain mail wig

  3. That must be quite the hook to hold their weight and hang them.

  4. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Wow they are sleeping hard. All that breathing and touching and not waking..

  5. ok that scene made no sense

  6. I guess being born from a cow gives you special powers!

  7. I always wondered what they were “farming”

  8. exactly what article of clothing did they steal?

  9. It’s impressive he fell all that way and didn’t lose his loincloth.

  10. so ferrets, tigers, eagles, but no horses?

  11. The people suckers are creepy.

  12. That’s a damn strong eagle!

  13. love the funny windows and doorways

  14. I think someone was hitting the magic mushrooms when they wrote this screenplay

  15. I would have massive headaches if I saw through a bird’s eyes.

  16. I like how he lost an argument with a bird.

  17. They just don’t seem friendly.

  18. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Picture gets weirder and weirder

  19. I think the main bad guy has had too much cocaine

  20. creepy bird people to the rescue!

  21. Thanks for watching with me!

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