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73 responses to “We are now watching!

  1. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    I’m here.

  2. Amber Kell ⋅

    I’m here

  3. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Taking him to a private place to talk isn’t at all weird. Oh…she is a beasty.

  4. Amber Kell ⋅

    I have to wonder if Poseidon didn’t ever talk to his son why did Zeus automatically think it was Perseus.

  5. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Raining cows. Words you would never think to hear.

  6. Amber Kell ⋅

    If she always knew about the camp why didn’t she take him earlier?

  7. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Always lead astray by a girl.

  8. Amber Kell ⋅

    They can’t have it both ways. He doesn’t know anything AND he’s stolen Zeus’s bolt

  9. Hello ladies. I’m real disappointed to be missing this months movie, but I’m moving across country later this week and my house looks like a tornado hit it (and my movies and TV are packed) 😦

  10. Amber Kell ⋅

    I want to have magical water powers.

  11. Amber Kell ⋅

    I guess she doesn’t always win.

  12. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    I wonder since they are flying shoes why they aren’t more flashy.

  13. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    He was too nice giving him all that stuff.

  14. Amber Kell ⋅

    looks just like his uncle…..

  15. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Medusa is a diva. 🙂

  16. Amber Kell ⋅

    creepy Medusa!

  17. Amber Kell ⋅

    Does that mean Medusa was one of her “secret” visitors?

  18. Amber Kell ⋅

    I would’ve assumed a snake-headed lady was a fake and not start screaming.

  19. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Much more heads to fight with

  20. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    The head to the rescue.

  21. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Those flowers were spiked

  22. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Dancing and grooving.

  23. Amber Kell ⋅

    I could stay there a few weeks. LOL

  24. Amber Kell ⋅

    I don’t think I’d want to go to the scary new hole in the ground.

  25. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Don’t burn the money.

  26. Amber Kell ⋅

    I don’t think I want my life to end in suffering and tragedy.

  27. Amber Kell ⋅

    she’s not a happy housewife.

  28. Amber Kell ⋅

    It’s amazing how they all know him by sight.

  29. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Revenge of the woman.

  30. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Run from her. She’s a man-eater.

  31. Amber Kell ⋅

    Zeus doesn’t sense someone is messing with his lightning bolt?

  32. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    He’s not a thief.

  33. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Sucky law to not see the kids.

  34. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Really tiny horns

  35. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Thanks for watching.

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