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We’re Starting!


We’re watching The Sorcerer’s Apprentice!

Join us for the movie and snarky comments! If you can’t watch it with us feel free to leave a comment on this post by the end of July 2015 to enter to win an ARe GC!


90 responses to “We’re Starting!

  1. Amber Kell ⋅

    I’m here!

  2. Amber's hubby ⋅

    nice dragon ring

  3. Sorry All…I can’t watch tonight. Have fun though. 🙂

  4. Amber's hubby ⋅

    nicolas cage makes for a creepy store owner

  5. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Wizard fight.

  6. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Poor guy looking like he peed his pants

  7. Amber Kell ⋅

    Oh no he’s going to get booted out of the pack!

  8. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Oh…smokey man.

  9. Amber's hubby ⋅

    aww, puppies

  10. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Party in Chinatown with wizards. Oh boy. Trouble

  11. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Are you insane? Then he admits a little bit. 🙂

  12. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    I want a book.that folds tiny like that one.

  13. Amber's hubby ⋅

    who knew being a wizard was On the Job Training

  14. Amber Kell ⋅

    You’d think a dragon could withstand fire!

  15. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Old man shoes. Lol.

  16. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Zap. Zappy.

  17. Amber Kell ⋅

    I like the magician guy. Too bad he doesn’t make it in the end 😦

  18. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Cardio. Lol.

  19. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Creepy Uncle time. Lol. Bad uncle with anti-itch cream.

  20. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Ohhh…geeky wooing. 🙂

  21. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    What is with him and bathroom? He must have small bladder.

  22. Amber Kell ⋅

    I like when he tries to give him tips. LOL

  23. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    With a flick he knocked him out. Go creepy wizard.

  24. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Talking glass guy. Every bathroom Needs one.

  25. Amber Kell ⋅

    No pressure but you have to save the world.

  26. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Marching mops Send out the cleaning troops. No using magic to.clean. Bummer.

  27. Amber's hubby ⋅

    jedi mind tricks

  28. Amber Kell ⋅

    Sad wizard 😦

  29. Amber Kell ⋅

    It’s almost painful to watch him flirt.

  30. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    I really want magic. Cleaning and hot cars at my fingertips.

  31. Amber's hubby ⋅

    did they just change sides in the car

  32. Amber Kell ⋅

    And he criticizes his apprentice for his crush! Doesn’t seem fair.

  33. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Quicksand carpet. Very useful. 🙂

  34. JenCW ⋅

    Hi everyone! Totally forgot it was movie night. Hope you’re having a blast. Catch you next time. 🙂

  35. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Crreepy guy wisdom.

  36. JenCW ⋅

    Hi everyone! I totally forgot it was movie night. 😦 Hope you had a good time. I’ll catch you next time. 🙂

  37. Amber Kell ⋅

    She takes the entire he’s a wizard thing really well.

  38. Amber's hubby ⋅

    nothing says style and steam punk like a tesla coil on the front of your old car

  39. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Dance would be pretty if it wasn’t for hertryimg to end world.

  40. Amber Kell ⋅

    Ilike how she only raises the evil wizards.

  41. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Power..power. Go wizard power.

  42. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    I love his name is Dave. So ordinary but so much power.

  43. Amber's hubby ⋅

    he is like a roman candle

  44. Talia Carmichael ⋅

    Great movie.

  45. Amber Kell ⋅

    That was fun 🙂

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