Movie time on January 24!

The movie we’ll be watching on January 24, 2015 – is Spaceballs! We will begin 6pm PST and 9pm EST.

Join us for snarky comments! If you can’t watch it with us feel free to leave a comment during the rest of the month and by last day of January 2015 and you will be entered in our monthly contest for a chance to win a fabulous prize!

Time To Vote!

Time to vote for the January 24th Movie! Here are the choices. Movie will be announced January 20th.


Movie Suggestions for January 2015!

Welcome Movie Lovers!

It’s time to for suggestions for the monster and/or sci fi movie we’ll watch on January 24, 2015!

Please post your ideas below and you feel free to post as many as you want too. 🙂

We will be taking suggestions for movies until January 13, 2015 at midnight. After that date we will pick 3-4 movies out of the ones proposed and put up a poll for voting.

We look forward to hearing your suggestions.

For more on how this process works check here.

Talia & Amber
Enjoying Bad Movies with Friends