Movie Suggestions for December…

Welcome Movie Lovers!

We love movies and have teamed together to host a monster and/or sci fi movie together once a month. We want you to join us in the fun. So let’s get started. 🙂

It’s time to for suggestions for the monster and/or sci fi movie we’ll watch in December!

Post your suggestions for monster and/or sci fi movies below. You can feel free to post as many suggestions as you want too. 🙂

We will be taking suggestions for movies until November 23, 2013 at midnight. After that date we will pick 3 movies out of your suggestions so everyone can vote. We will put up a poll for everyone to cast their vote for which movie we will watch so make sure to keep checking back.

Only suggestions posted on this post will be considered when we create the poll for your votes. We will pick 3 movies out of the suggestions. We look forward to hearing your suggestions.

For more on how this process works check here.

Talia & Amber
Enjoying Bad Movies with Friends


Welcome to our Movie Page!

Talia Carmichael and Amber Kell have teamed together to host a movie together once a month. We used to watch horrible Syfy films together but now that we’re in different time zones we’ve decided to try a different approach. Every 2nd Saturday we’re going to host a movie party where everyone watches the movie selected then posts about their favorite parts. We’ll offer a poll to help pick the movies each month so we can all watch our favorite bad science fiction or monster movie together. We will also give e-book prizes to one person chosen randomly each month. You will have until the 30th to leave a comment to be entered.